What is Bookshelf Adventure?

The Details

A new way to learn

People learn by doing. With Bookshelf Adventure, you'll interact with these timeless stories from the perspective of their famous characters, exploring the themes and historical significance of each book.

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Learning never ends throughout your lifetime. With a Bookshelf Adventure subscription, you will be providing your family or students with an opportunity to learn new stories each and every month.

Keep the classics alive

With Bookshelf Adventure, you'll be able to experience everything from Shakespeare to Poe to Dickens through compelling video game experiences that retell these classic stories.


  • Play Anywhere - Bookshelf Adventure will be playable on your family's PCs and Android/iOS tablets.

  • Faithful Interpretations - You will experience these stories as the author originally intended.

  • Contemporary Context - Historical context will provide you with a deeper understanding of each story.

  • Go Beyond the Story - Explore the scientific and historical backgrounds that influenced the author.


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